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The jicama is one of the most important plantations in Nayarit. Jicama plantations take an average surface of 1,200 hectares with an approximate production of 30 tons per hectare. Nayarit contributes with about 30% of all national jicama production thus positioning it as the number one jicama producer. The largest area is cultivated during the fall-winter cycle therefore it does not compete with any other state in the country.

Due to the characteristics of the product, the best ground for the production of the jicama is alluvial or loam, well drained to allow the proper growth of the roots. Clay soil must be avoided since it accumulates too much moisture and causes radical sicknesses that damage the production.

Varieties: “Criolla regional”, “Cristalina”, “Aguadulce” and “Criolla de Morelos”.